subversion – WebDAV経由で commit

とりあえず httpd.confに

SVNAutoversioning on

を追加してみて,Windows2000側から単純にファイルコピーをしてみたらコピー自体はうまくいった.が,ホスト側(linux)で svn updateしてコピーしたファイルを取り出そうとすると,次のように怒られる.

fumi@graphite[~/work/repos]% svn update
svn: RA layer request failed
svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/repos'
svn: The REPORT request returned invalid XML in the response:
XML parse error at line 8: not well-formed (invalid token). (/svn/repos)


madeleine 0.3


  • Automatic commands
  • Some classes exported to the default module
  • Clock support not loaded by default (require ‘madeleine/clock’)
  • Bug fix: Error handling when replaying logged commands.
  • New system through block instead of argument (API change)
  • Works in $SAFE = 1